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Download the Mooditude App to listen to my meditation series on managing triggers. More series coming soon.

Meditation and Mindfulness 

Online platform where I offer weekly Monday night meditations "Monday Reset' at 7pm. 

rideau speedeaus

I worked with the Rideau Speedeaus and created monthly, personalized group meditations for the team.

resiliency clinic

I worked closely with the Resiliency Clinic and led 8+ private and personalized meditations fostered for a CBT & mindfulness group. 

doodled wellness

I created personalized meditations for Doodled Wellness, as well as collaborated on numerous Social Media posts regarding Mental Health.

Fit Concierge

Fit Concierge is a wellness platform I'm collaborating with to create personalized one-on-one as well as virtual meditations.

Get in touch if you love Moon of Mind's guided meditations, events or past work and are looking for ways to help others achieve a serene state of mind. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity work with others in the community to develop the current meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth movement so that all individuals can benefit from its healing powers.


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