my sacred journey

I began on this path to promote peace from within and educate others about the benefits of developing a healthier mind. 

I believe all challenges can be approached with curiosity, insight and compassion. This conscious path helps create a generation of kind, soulful people invested in becoming better individuals passionate about creating a more balanced society. Psychology based mindfulness is my way to contribute to this evolution.

i'm on a mission to explore alternative,
holistic & intriguing dimensions of wellness 

on a mission to explore alternative, holistic & intriguing dimensions of wellness 

I completed my meditation training at Prana Shanti Yoga Centre directly with Devinder Kaur, and I have a Masters of Education in counseling psychology at University of Ottawa. Additionally, I have over a decade of psychology related experience & I proudly incorporate meditation and mindfulness approaches in my psychotherapy practice.

my areas
of expertise

Emotion regulation - managing anxiety, sadness, guilt & shame

Teaching clients to recognize the power of the mind & body 

breaking stagnant patterns of thought to let go of unnecessary pain 

Cultivating a nonjudgmental awareness of the present

Spreading awareness about the practice of meditation for the benefit of improving ones life

Identity and authenticity (helping people connect to their true selves)

Morning Routine

fave self-care ritual

favourite MOVIE

my spirit animal

Meditation + Coffee

Physical Activity

Lord of the Rings 


I'm super passionate about traveling and exploring new places. check out some of my favourite memories here!

Scuba Diving in Indonesia

favourite travel memory

Exploring the Amazon

dream trip

a few of my favourite things...

Hiking/ Nature Walks

My Cat, Shelob!

Helping Others Heal

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Reduce and release unpleasant emotions that block you from living your best life. This guided meditation will connect you with a more compassionate aspect of yourself to help you achieve serenity and balance in your day to day.

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